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We told you we were sure there would be more to come out about this story and low and behold here it is! Like we said earlier, there are two sides to every story, and Kevin Hart is the one telling this side! Check out the video of his side of the story via TMZ  below!

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Interesting! So, while he readily admits he was drunk, he says he didn’t almost hit a gas tanker (Although we sort of think he misunderstood what the camera man was talking about) and claims that he also got in trouble for resisting arrest. OK, we hadn’t heard that last part until now. But it’s very forthcoming on his part to just put it out there like that.

Actually, as odd as this sounds, we’re sort of impressed that he just jumped out there like a man and owned up to it. When was the last time you heard of anyone in Hollywood doing that? Don’t worry we’ll wait!

But we will say this, for people who have money, and the ability to afford a car and driver any time they go out to kick it, it makes zero since to us that you don’t have someone sober to drive you all around. As a matter of fact at the very least you can take a cab. We don’t just say this to protect your lives, we say that for the rest of us who have to be on the road with you. That’s not cool. You have the resources so be grown people and make the right decision and use them! For all of our sake.

Good luck Kevin, again, it took a big man to admit fault. And with the way you tell a story, we know you will probably be laughing all the way to the bank about this a little later on.


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