The Rickey Smiley Foundation is one of the fastest growing foundations in the country, which is no surprise when you hear Rickey Smiley’s updates about all of the amazing events the Foundation has raised money with, and their days of outreach and service. At the beginning of the month, they started their 30 Days Of […]

With football season coming up, the church is getting a head start on organizing people who can help out in the kitchen on Sundays. Bernice Jenkins shouts out examples of some of the people who are recommended to volunteer for this position. Listen to the audio player to hear her hilarious suggestions in this exclusive clip […]

Jeff Johnson talks about the outpouring of support from volunteers countrywide when cities like Ferguson or Baltimore are crisis, and why that same outpouring of support is due on the local level.  Click on the audio player to hear more details on what you can do to contribute positively all the time, not just in emergencies, in this edition of 3 […]