According to Gary With Da Beer, Ciara and Future have been playing games and sending subliminal messages to each other through their Instagram posts. The two are in their own separate relationships, but Gary is convinced that they aren’t as over each other as they would like to be. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Are […]

Seems like Columbus Short is struggling again. After a series of rough pitfalls over the past few months, he’s back in jail again after violating his probation. He reacted a little too quickly to something he didn’t like at a party, and now, not only does he have another short jail sentence to complete, but he’s […]

Gary With Da Tea decides to remix his daily entertainment news report a bit and try it out as Gary With The Beer. He tries out a more macho spin on things, from the first story all the way to the color of the day, to try it out and see how it fits. Needless to say, he’s not […]