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My plant journey began in 2020 in the middle of a global pandemic. After being stuck in the house for months on end, I began to go for walks every day to experience fresh air and have some human interaction. Facebook groups became a hub of information, so when a local hardware store posted that they were open and selling masks, I decided to make that my next destination.

At the time, approved face coverings were few and far between. The prices of masks were inflated on and And if you tried to purchase them in stores, they were sold out with no telling when they’d return. Little did I know my trip to the hardware store would spark one of the most healthiest obsessions I’ve ever grown. That day, I picked up a box of masks, Clorox disinfectant spray, and a baby pothos plant.

That one plant multiplied to over 50 babies that have taken over my apartment. People are usually impressed by my green thumb, and then they follow up with the question, “What plants can I get that are low maintenance?” Aka, what plants are absolutely hard to kill?

Spring is for blooming, which means it’s the best time to add some greenery to your living space. If you’re a novice to the plant-mom life, then I’m here to share some of my knowledge. The right amount of sunlight, a consistent watering schedule, and genuine love for your babies birth an effective formula for long-living plants. Here are five low-maintenance plants that you can welcome to your home this spring.

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1. Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese Plant Source:Jannet Serhan - Unsplash

The Swiss cheese plant, also known as monstera deliciosa, got its name because of the cuts in the leaves that resemble Swiss cheese. This beauty is a favorite of plant mamas everywhere because they’re low maintenance, they get pretty big, and they can brighten up just about any room. This is basically a dream plant.

Swiss cheese plants thrive in bright but indirect sunlight. If placed in too much sun, the foliage will burn and whither. You can water your baby once a week.

2. Snake Plant

Snake Plant Source:Sarah Bronske - Unsplash

Of the plant family, the Snake plant is the vibe creator. They make excellent home decor plants because they’re super-easy to maintain and can survive in various light settings. You probably think all plants are great for home decor, but in this case, the Snake plant can breathe life into the bland areas of your home.

As mentioned before, this baby can survive in various light settings. They prefer bright, indirect sunlight but can also survive in low-light corners or shelves in your living space. I water my plant weekly, but the internet says it can survive 2-8 weeks between watering. My advice would be to pay attention to how your plant responds, which will determine your schedule.

3. Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera Plant Source:Stephanie Harvey - Unsplash

The best part about owning an Aloe Vera plant is that they come in clutch during those hair and beauty times of need. Aloe plants are known as desert succulents. They thrive in sunny settings, so don’t be afraid to give them direct sunlight. Experts say a minimum of 6 hours in the sun will keep your baby happy. 

4. Pothos Plant

Pothos Plant Source:Severin Candrian - Unsplash

The Pothos plant is one of the easiest to maintain, and they can last for years if you maintain a weekly watering schedule. Pothos don’t need to be placed directly under the sun. In fact, direct sunlight will burn the foliage and stump its growth. Bright, indirect light works best, but they will also survive in low-medium sun.

5. Peace Lily

Peace Lily Source:Maria Elizabeth - Unsplash

Peace Lily’s can be temperamental, but it’s smooth sailing once you get a watering schedule down. This gorgeous plant will literally let you know when it’s time to be watered because they throw a tantrum in the form of droopy leaves. Picture a hungry child that’s crying at the top of their lungs. Once watered, the Peace Lily will stand up nice and tall. Position your plant in low to bright, indirect sunlight. Direct sun will scorch the foliage.