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The way people buy into society’s beauty standards has always been bizarre to me. There is nothing logical about forming an opinion about someone based on physical appearance. However, this has been Black women’s reality for much of our existence, especially regarding our hair. For centuries the Bible had women holding on to split ends because long hair offered a covering. Then there is the idea that a woman’s decision to cut or color her hair indicated she was in the midst of a personal crisis. Oh, and let’s not forget the notion that locs are dreadful. 

While we are talking glorious hair, it is incredible to see so many women slaying on their loc journey. For so many years, locs were seen as unkempt hair that lacked style and versatility; even amid a thriving natural hair movement, women with locs were placed in a box. One of the worst ideologies about hair was that locs were dreadful (hints at the former term dreadlocks). Maybe the shift was influenced by celebrities like Halle & Chloe, Ava DuVernay, Willow Smith, and Ledisi. Perhaps the change happened when locticians became more creative with locs. Maybe The CROWN Act, helped women make the transition. No matter the cause, our minds have matured (like some 1-year-old starter locs), and we now understand that locs are beautiful and offer an array of style options.

There is no denying some women embark on spiritual journeys that include their hair, especially women who decide to allow their hair to grow freely into itself. Many give their loc journey credit for a heightened sense of self, positive energy, and mental and emotional growth. 1 Corinthians 11:15 (But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering) has fueled one of society’s most problematic beauty standards to date. However, women with locs aren’t buying into that notion either, with many women cutting their locs and starting a new set if they feel their journey has been compromised. That shows how profound the relationship between locs and the women who choose to take the journey, especially when considering society’s beauty standards regarding a woman’s hair.

 We love to see women rocking locs freely instead of hiding them under wigs and weaves and dismissing the idea that there is an “ugly phase” during the loc journey. Locs are now on-trend, and women are slaying them in various lengths, colors, and styles. Just in case you have been under a rock, we have receipts. These 23 women share why they started their loc journey.

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1. @thatfroislocd

Years loc’d: Almost 3 years 

I was inspired to loc my hair for: Hair freedom! This was my main inspiration. The freedom to get up and go without the pressure to “fix my hair” in general or for an event. Sisterlocks have been my “it” style every since. And I’ve been loving it!!

2. @boussiology__

Years loc’d: 6 years

I was inspired to loc my hair because: I was looking for something low maintenance after having my 2nd child – a style that would allow me to remain natural and not have to really maintain on my own. So locs sounded ideal. And here we are, 6 years later & best decision ever. My locs tell a whole story and every year, a little more is added to the story. It’s definitely a whole vibe!

3. @thelocqueen2013

Years loc’d: 9 years

I was inspired to loc my hair because: I had been frustrated with my hair for as long as I can remember. From weekly standing hair appointments to always having to ‘do’ something to my hair in order for it to look ok. Locs were appealing to me because they offered the freedom I’ve always wanted with my hair. So glad I took the plunge.

4. @locn_itwith_ajae

Years Loc’d: 15 Months

I was inspired to loc my hair for: The idea of being free from my natural loose hair. Is what inspired me to loc my hair. I’ve always hated my natural loose hair and doing anything to it. So locking my hair seemed like my best option. And I’m so happy I did. I’m in love with them.

5. @ladybritv

Years Loc’d: 7 months

I started my loc journey on September 24th, 2021. I did a lot of research online once I made my decision and I am constantly inspired by the incredible individuals sharing their experiences online. But in my life in particular my mother was the main person to inspire me. She’s been locd for going on 4 years following my grandmother who was locd for over 8 years before cutting her locs. So it’s almost a legacy haha, but I love my mother dearly and fell in love with her hair, and that ultimately inspired me to take the leap. It’s been an amazing experience so far & I highly recommend it if you thinking of it yourself. 

6. @ashleyelizabeth315

Years Loc’d: 2 Years

I was inspired to loc my hair because: I was really inspired by the hair page, NappStar. Their work speaks for itself. They showed me how beautiful locs are and the versatility that I can still have with my locs. That’s really what hindered me before.

7. @kendrakenshay

Years loc’d: 31 months

I was inspired to loc my hair for: The hair freedom and the beautiful look of locs.

8. @daniwithdalocs

Years loc’d: 1 year & 7 months.

I was inspired to loc my hair because: I was very lazy when it came to doing my hair and I honestly just loved the look of locs. But after I started them, I realized that the loc journey had so much more to offer. I began to learn so many lessons and grew closer to myself

9. @thickgrlscloset

Years loc’d: 15 years.

I was inspired to loc my hair because: I was going away to college & didn’t want to maintain box braids. So after doing all my research, I settled on locs.

10. @liv.n.locd

Years Loc’d: 2 years

I was inspired to loc my hair because: I think locs create your individuality, everyone’s loc is unique to themselves and it’s what makes a person authentically themselves. I loc’d my hair because I wanted to be true to my natural self and honestly, I love the low maintenance compared to being a loose natural! lol

11. @tacigotlocs

Years Loc’d: 19 Months

I was inspired to loc my hair because: I’ve always been so inspired to start locs because it seemed easier to manage. I simply loc’d for convenience. I’m a hairstylist myself, and I never had the time to style my hair after a long day of work. So, being able to wake up in the morning, take my scarf off, and spruce up in under 5 minutes has been a huge accomplishment for me.

I never knew that one decision I made for myself, could inspire so many to do the same and that there was a whole community that welcomed me with open arms.

It’s crazy because I was the first person in my family to really embrace my natural hair, to put respect on my culture, and to appreciate who I am as I am. I even encourage most of my family to do the same. So, to be able to still inspire others to loc their hair is truly a blessing, and I do not regret it at all.


12. @imanitaylorgood

Years Loc’d: 14 years

I was inspired to loc my hair because: of my mom. She came home with her hair loc’d and I’ve always looked up to my mom, especially at that age. I wanted to look just like her and decided to ask her to allow me to loc my hair as well. She agreed since (for us) it’s easier to maintain. Especially since I competitively swam and would swim 5-6 days a week. This was a cute alternative to keeping my hair in a form easier to put under a swim cap & promote growth!

13. @locdnurse

Years Loc’d: 6 years

I was inspired to loc my hair because: of a beautiful older black woman, who I’d seen 20 years prior to starting my locs. She initially encouraged me to go natural. After being natural for 10 years, and after several big chops, I was caught between chopping again or locs. I thought of her and immediately chose to loc my hair.

14. @hoodhippi3

Years Loc’d: 17 Months

I was inspired to loc my hair because: of my daughter. She was loc’d for almost 6 years but as she got older she wanted to try something new. I loc’d my hair because it reveals my personal taste, my culture, and even my priorities. I feel like my locs are spiritual, growing them represents a journey of authenticity and inner growth.

15. @stylesbynak

Years Loc’d: 15 years 

I was inspired to loc my hair because: My parents both had locs so I’ve always wanted locs since i was a kid, i even asked my mom why she just didn’t just do my locs since i was a baby and she stated she wanted me to make that decision once i got older. So my parents were my inspiration.

16. @iam.nellyp

Years Loc’d: 11 years

I was inspired to loc my hair because: I always wanted locs growing up…particularly in High School. I was so fascinated by them! Mostly I only saw boys with them back then but I knew it was something I wanted to experience. My mother didn’t think it was a good idea just because she wasn’t sure if I was sure. But I was Sure! And as soon as I had the chance, I got in where I fit in. Hands down one of the best decisions I ever made in life.

17. @erinslocs

Years Loc’d: 6 months

I was inspired to loc my hair because: I wanted to feel more empowered in my heritage and less like my hair had to look a certain way to be seen as beautiful. 

18. @neira_x

Years Loc’d: 7 years 

I was inspired to loc my hair because: I had natural hair for about 2.5/3 years before starting and I always admired how my hair looked in braids and faux loc styles and I was like you know what f*ck it…its just hair, let me just try them out and if I don’t like it…I’ll just do something else. I love them, I feel like they totally suit my personality and I wouldn’t trade them for the world, I just wish I would’ve started much sooner.

19. @itschloeshanel

Years Loc’d: 3 Years 

I was inspired to loc my hair after:  seeing my best friend get locs. I just watched how much he blossomed and how his hair blossomed as well. I wanted to experience that type of journey. I had been natural for almost 5 years prior, so it was also time to switch it up. I knew I would love having locs and wouldn’t miss detangling my loose natural hair 🤣 one of the best decisions I’ve made.

20. @energy_vibration

Years Loc’d: This is my second set of locs. I combed out my first set in September 2019 as I was pregnant with my first child and knew that I needed to release dead/toxic energy that still resided in my crown. 3 months later, I started my second loc journey in January 2020 and have been absolutely loving the journey ever since!

I was inspired to loc my hair because: I’ve always been drawn to locs! I think they’re powerful representations of divine feminity, ancestral energy and absolutely magnificent black beauty! Having tried essentially every other style, I embarked on the loc journey and haven’t looked back since!


21. @jemslocs

Years Loc’d: 11 Months 

What inspired you to loc your hair? (answer) I had been natural my whole life bc my mom wouldn’t let me get a perm lol but once I got to a certain age I definitely grew to appreciate that and embrace my natural hair. over covid, I realized I had done everything I wanted to with it — plenty of puffs, twist outs, box braids, faux locs, even a couple of silk outs and I started seeing girls with locs on TikTok and Instagram and instantly wanted to loc my hair. I thought about the people in my life with locs and I reached out and started asking them questions, it was a quick decision and I haven’t looked back since! I was obsessed with different youtube videos telling me all I needed to know about the maintenance and upkeep of locs, and immediately started looking around locally for locticians who could start them for me. I’ve truly been my best self this year with my locs and i can’t wait for them to continue to grow and evolve


22. @thestylishreid

Years Loc’d: 5 years 

I was inspired to loc my hair because: to honor my late mother who always wore her natural hair. She passed away a week before I installed my locks and I desperately wanted to feel beautiful in my own skin. For most of my teens, twenties, and even early thirties I depended on weaves, relaxers, and other additives to make me feel beautiful. I just wanted to get to a place in my journey where I looked in the mirror and saw myself! Just me and be happy with who was staring back. And I can honestly say my locks helped and continue to aid in that journey.

23. @naturallykela

Years Loc’d: 4 Months

I was inspired to loc my hair because: I’ve always had a love for natural hair as I was a free natural for over 14 years. I knew at a fairly young age that I wanted to have locs and finally decided on Micro Locs. I decided to continue my healthy hair journey at the beginning of the year and installed my locs.

With locs, I feel that I’m not restrained to society’s ideology of what is considered beautiful. Our hair is our crown and I’ve felt so liberated with being able to just be me.