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When an athlete is officially deemed a Hall Of Famer in their respective field of sports, it stands as a testament of their years, usually decades, of exemplary sportsmanship and championship-winning qualities overall.

Baseball fans of all creeds and colors can agree that Barry Bonds is a legend of the outfield in his own right, but for some reason the Baseball Hall of Fame has been ignoring that fact for well over a decade. Now in his 10th and final year of eligibility, Bonds has created a huge backlash amongst his fans who feel that one of the greatest baseball players of all time is being criminally overlooked.




Although Bonds himself took the oversight in stride, heading to social media to congratulate this year’s sole inductee David “Big Papi” Ortiz (seen above), many couldn’t get past the fact that he still hasn’t received the 75% approval it takes to be eligible for induction. “My favorite player of all time coming from you mean the world to me,” Ortiz wrote in response to Bonds’ celebratory post, also adding in his IG comment, “l was expecting walking in by your side because you are the true…l love you and respect you.”

According to USA Today though, the fight to get Barry Bonds in the Baseball HoF may not be entirely over. Take a look below to see what the outlet said about his potential to still be inducted:

“There’s still another pathway to the Hall — and the next step begins even before the writers have to submit their ballots for the Class of 2023.

The Hall of Fame’s Today’s Game Committee will meet later this year to consider players, managers, umpires and executives whose greatest contributions to the game were from 1988 to 2016.  And that time frame is exactly when both Bonds and Clemens established themselves as two of the greatest players not only of their era, but in all of baseball history.

The Hall has several Era Committees (the Early Baseball Era Committee elected Bud Fowler and Buck O’Neil to this year’s Hall class and the Golden Days Era Committee voted in Gil Hodges, Jim Kaat, Minnie Minoso and Tony Oliva) and the Today’s Game Committee will vote on a list of 10 finalists in December.

Bonds and Clemens are very likely to be among the candidates on that list.”

Bonds received his highest percentage of “Yes” votes this year with 66%, but with the new option explained above he’ll still need 75% support of the electorate to get an induction. The committee can meet twice over a span of five years if he still doesn’t reach that number.


Take a look below to see how some baseball fans have been reacting to the Baseball Hall Of Fame shutout being served to Barry Bonds, and let us know if you think he deserves the coveted spot:



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1. They did Barry Bonds dirty. Smfh

via @MAL___


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3. The Barry Bonds hall of fame situation is such a good depiction of how reason is ineffectual against power. Pointing out credentials, hypocrisy, or the ridiculousness of the opposing position doesn’t matter when they can enforce their position without having to justify it.

via @_Zeets

4. Barry Bonds not being in the hall delegitimizes the hall. Bragging about keeping him out only makes it look worse.

via @sagebeatlove

5. Barry Bonds is the GOAT. #NotMyHall

via @BaySean

6. Barry Bonds is the greatest hitter of all time and the MLB Hall of Fame is where he belongs. If he doesn’t make it. We should change the voting structure.

via @BenVerlander

7. Barry Bonds, by 1999, was the only player in baseball history with at least 400 homers, 400 stolen bases and a 400+ OBP. He remains the only one today. His career totals: 762 homers, 514 stolen bases and a .444 on-base percentage.

via @BNightengale

8. This man should be in the HOF @BarryBonds . Ya’ll trippin if you think otherwise.

via @KarlTowns

9. If David Ortiz gets in Cooperstown for swinging a bat three times per game, but Barry Bonds doesn’t for being one of the most fearsome players in history, we have a problem. Both were linked to steroids. Ortiz was more personable, but this isn’t the Hall of Likability.

via @cdixon25

10. Just a reminder that Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player who ever lived and no arbitrary “class” voted on by the media changes that fact.

via @JRAM