Rolf Memes

Source: YouTube/screencap

It’s time to update the meme calendar for 2018 again. Rolf the beloved character from the classic Cartoon Network animated show, Ed, Edd, and Eddy is the latest meme sensation on the social network.

We have no idea how this even became a thing, but a picture of the cartoon character staring out of a window is now all the rage on Twitter. People have now taken the still featuring the legendary son of a shepherd and put all kinds of unique spins, twists, and captions on describing what he could, in fact, be staring at.

From credit card scamming, being reimagined as a woman waiting on a peen appointment or being turned into Joe Budden, Twitter has seriously been flexing their creativity with the still. The results are indeed one of the most random events ever to hit the social network. But we are not complaining at all and are enjoying each and every one as they appear on the timeline at a feverish pitch. We can’t front though Rolf looks type fresh in silky durag for the culture.

For fans of the cartoon, it is was a hilarious trip down memory lane, for those who don’t know anything about the show and Rolf it is just another entertaining day on Twitter. Either way, it’s a win, win situation, hit the gallery below to see the best Rolf memes.

Photo: Youtube/ Screencap

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