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Candace Owens and her takes often put her in the crosshairs of criticism, although she rarely retracts her stances. The conservative pundit found herself a topic of discussion after misframing the Uvdale shooter as trans.

Candace Owens Spreads Falsehoods About Uvalde Shooter

As seen on Mashable and Indy100, the shooter was identified as Rolando Ramos. However, users on Reddit and 4Chan spread images of a transgender woman claiming it was Ramos. The woman in the images also spoke out on Reddit, claiming that she doesn’t live in Texas where the shooting took place. As Mashable notes, there was another transgender woman whose image was used for the rumor, with both speaking with the outlet to shoot down the claims.

Despite the debunked rumor, Owens leaned into spreading the rumor and went on a baseless rampage against the transgender community. The pundit has taken such stances in times past while using the recent tragedy to promote her stances. Many are rightly noting how Owens’ barbs might cause harm to those within the trans community. Others are adding that Dave Chappelle’s jokes toward the LGBTQ community are also impacting the safety of transgender persons.

Undeterred, Owens fired back at critics while also promoting her supporters via Twitter.

“Of all of the insane leftist lobbies, the misogynist, trans one has always been the most vicious. They piss me off with their tactics to silence people and they crossed a red line when they started with the kids in the classroom. This is not a fight I will back down from—ever,” Owens said on Thursday (May 26).

In a challenge to another Twitter user, Owens vowed to produce a documentary on “exposing the dangerous gender agenda happening in our schools” by the close of the year.

We’ve gathered some of the responses from Twitter regarding Candace Owens and her anti-trans takes below.

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