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Jayceon Taylor, better known as The Game, has been known for a plethora a his controversial moments in the music industry.

The Game’s lists of Hip-Hop feuds are pretty extensive, but let’s take a look at some scuffles between the game and other artists we feel deserve and honorable mention.

Honorable Mention:

The Game vs. Chris Brown: After a tumultuous break-up between Chris Brown and his ex-girlfriend Karruche Tran, The Game took to Instagram to troll Brown. He was pictured licking a picture of Tran, where Brown commented under the since deleted post, “Someone must have something they need to promote. It’s sad people need gimmicks to maintain fame. All pub is good pub I guess.”

The Game vs. Joe Budden: The Game had a personal vendetta against Joe Budden after Budden dissed, the G-Unit crew, calling them ‘gangsta actors’ which included a verse from Game. Taylor (Game) went on to make a diss to Budden titled ‘Buddens’. The beef was ‘settled’ years later after a text message was sent and a phone call was made. After the beef was squashed “Me and Game never really had an issue,” Budden told MTV after the beef had died. “It was more so a Joe Budden vs. G-Unit thing.”

The Game vs. Meek Mill: This beef had allegedly started over a situation in a club when R&B singer Sean Kingston’s chain was stolen. The Game accused Meek Mill of pointing the finger at Game and his crew for snatching the chain. That is, where the beef was fueled and diss tracks were released from both artists.

The Game's Release Of "Drillmatic"

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Take a Look at The Game’s Top Ten Rap Feuds below!


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Block Wars: Top Ten Rap Feuds Featuring The Game  was originally published on

1. The Game vs. 40 Glocc

The Game was seen on Camera handing a beating to rapper 40 Glocc, while The Game himself had a phone in his hand recording the fight, while he was fighting!

2. The Game vs. Yukmouth

The Game and Yukmouth got into a feud that had originally escalated between Yukmouth and 50 Cent, but eventually The Game got involved.

3. The Game vs. Kevin Gates

The Game released a diss track titled ‘Bigger than me’ that was aimed at the entire 2014 XXL freshman class, which included Baton Rouge native, Kevin Gates. Gates was later interview by VLADTV, stating that he ‘Can’t be focused on Game’s XXL diss’ 

4. The Game vs. Kanye West

The Game speaks on a rap battle with Kanye early on in his career, “That was one of the only rap battles that I ever lost. But I was still on my way up — Kanye was already signed” said Game.

5. The Game vs. Jay-Z

The Game talks to a young DJ Envy on Sirius XM radio, in an interview where he explains why he dissed Jay-Z on his track ‘Uncle Otis’

6. The Game vs. Lil Durk

The Game was met by a Young Lil Durk in the club where he confront Game about an apparent ‘diss’ Game made towards him. Durk tells VLADTV that some mutual ‘olheads’ had the two on a joint call to squash the beef

7. The Game vs. Eminem

The Game and Eminem have rarely saw eye-to-eye, years after releasing a 10-minute diss track to Eminem titled ‘Black Slim Shady’, The Game goes on Rap Radar, explaining the story behind the beef. 

8. The Game vs. Young Thug

In a feud that originally started between Young Thug and Lil Wayne, The Game decided to jump in on behalf of his homie Lil Wayne and go full force on Thug, which lead to back and forth video disses on social media

9. The Game vs. 50 Cent

One of the most memorable ‘same team’ rap beefs in recent history, 50 Cent and The Game have a huge fallen out during the ‘fall’ of G-Unit

10. The Game vs. His Teammate

During a heated contest at the Drew League Game, The Game and his teammate seem to get into a verbal altercation while the other team was shooting free throws. After the first free throw was made, The Game and his teammate exchanged words which led to a chest-to-chest faceoff where The Game slapped his teammate.