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When it comes to the legacy of The Notorious B.I.G., an iconic rapper that made a lasting impact on hip-hop before his senseless murder on March 9, 1997, there are very few deceased musicians that have seen posthumous idolization quite like the Brooklyn icon.

Biopics, clothing collabs, sneakers, limited edition Budweiser cans and even NYC MetroCards are just some of the postmortem partnerships we’ve seen associated with the estate of Christopher Wallace so far.


Notorious BIG MTA MetroCard

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Budweiser x The Notorious BIG

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FILA X The Notorious B.I.G.

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Not to be outdone, Meta is now the latest to get down with the business of Biggie by actually bringing him back in the metaverse for a VR concert experience in collaboration with his estate. It’s the latest part of a year-long celebration that his estate has dedicated to accomplishing in 2022 to celebrate Biggie’s would-be 50th birthday and honor the 25th anniversary of his death.

However — dare we even say it? – is all the BIG love a bit, well, too much? Some fans of the late emcee are beginning to wonder…


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As the official preview states (seen above), “The Notorious B.I.G Sky’s the Limit: A VR Concert Experience” is set to provide a truly immersive opportunity to see Biggie’s world from a whole new perspective.

Through Meta Horizon Worlds, fans will be able to journey through “The Brook,” a recreated version of the Brooklyn that B.I.G. grew up in during the ’80s and ’90s. It also will include “virtual” appearances by Latto, Nardo Wick, Eli Fross, BIG’s former protege Lil Cease, his Bad Boy colleagues The Lox, “Sky’s the Limit” producer DJ Clark Kent and, not surprisingly, his partner in rhyme Diddy.

While it makes absolute sense to honor the legacy of an artist that is still missed by the masses, some have taken to social media to call out both Meta and his estate for continuing to market off his life after death. Some have compared it, both respectfully and despairingly, to the still-viral 2Pac Hologram performance at Coachella 2012. However, even that was perceived as a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that hasn’t been duplicated within the past decade. Creating a virtual space where Biggie lives, interacts and performs music for you is where things begin to feel a little eerie. 

Will you be tuning in on December 16 for ‘The Notorious B.I.G Sky’s the Limit: A VR Concert Experience’? Let us know after peeping the conversation below currently going down on social media:

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1. next year they’ll have Biggie and Tupac fight in VR

via @JoeLongBalls

2. That Tupac hologram was garbage. Now they doing VR biggie smh

via @JayBabyEars

3. I know folks are mad about Biggie VR, but 1 – I want to experience a thing before I crap on it 2 – I think the Wallace family signed off on this. 3 – I want more stuff like this, go wild, bring everyone back for a reunion tour.

via @KahliefAdams

4. I can’t tell if I am being irrational but I’m really upset about the VR Biggie. It just feels so disrespectful

via @megawaveband

5. who is checking for Biggie for a virtual concert…please let this man rest

via @Charizmaw_

6. “The concert will will feature a “true-to-life, hyperrealistic” avatar of Biggie Smalls himself.” Yeah… can we not do this?

via @DennyVonDoom

7. For the life of me I don’t understand why ppl have an issue with this… as a Biggie fan who has a Biggie tattoo & Biggie on my phone wallpaper & uses his catchphrase on #SmackDown “If You Don’t Know, Now You Know” I think this is awesome & cool enough to make me get Meta

via @AJFrancis410

8. Weekend At Bernie-ing Biggie to sell #Meta makes Tupac’s tacky Coachella hologram seem like a dignified and graceful send-off.

via @JakeChatty

9. Who wanted this? Honestly, who wanted this? Not a single person in my age range would want this sanitized, digitized garbage, and most people I know in the generation younger than me have no idea who Biggie was. What a disgrace. Completely par for the course with Facebook/Meta.

via @Swydan

10. They refuse to let this man Rest In Peace

via @MaadyBK67