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9 Viral Moments of 2018 That Can Be Your Halloween Costume This Year  was originally published on cassiuslife.com

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick as McGreggor

Who wore it better? Ryan Fitzpatrick stepped out for a press conference all swagged out like MMA Fighter Colin McGreggor and accidentally became a viral meme.

2. Baby Cardi Meme

My mama said you too broke to spend money on a Halloween costume, so you can pull these clothes out your closet.

3. Squinting Girl Meme

A pink jacket and a pair of sunglasses are all you need to make this happen.

4. Rolf Meme

Only 90s kids can truly appreciate this “Ed, Edd n Eddy”-inspired costume.

5. Singing Blue Guy Meme

If you’re trying to get creative with some makeup or face paint, this could be the move for a fun night on the town — especially if you hit up a karaoke joint.

6. Is This A Pidgeon Meme

Is this a viable Halloween costume? All signs point to yes.

7. Lil Pump and Kanye in “I Love It”

With some oversized clothes and a couple of shoe boxes, this costume is the move for you and your best friend.

8. Yodeling Kid Mason Ramsey

Get out your best cowboy hat and boots and get your voice warmed up for this one.

9. Permit Patty

This the equivalent of a clown costume, in the sense that it’s as scary as it is ridiculous.

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