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Pride Month is in full blast, and what better way to honor this meaningful month than by recognizing the LGBTQ+ creatives that serve content like it’s going out of style?! Social media would be bland without the spice of our LGBTQ+ influencers. They set trends, produce intriguing posts, and inspire their audience to live their lives unapologetically. The LGBTQ+ influencer community is the backbone of the creative industry; without them, our inspiration would be genuinely lacking.

Pride Month is designated to recognize those who choose to live how they see fit. Despite what society has to say, these individuals are rocking to their own tunes oh-so fabulously. We can’t help but admire these brave humans and share their colorful existences and awesomeness with you.

Therefore, if you need style inspiration and motivation or want to support our LGBTQ+ community, check out these five influencers about creatively living their best lives.

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From Stonewall to Global Celebration: The Evolution Of LGBTQ+ Pride

7 Black LGBTQ+ Creatives You Should Be Following  was originally published on

1. Marsha B.

HelloBeautiful Senior Editor is a ball of creativity. The award-winning journalist serves fashion, positivity, and great energy religiously. She will inspire you to enjoy life and hustle at the same time! 

2. C. Ross

C. Ross is all about style. The New York native will give you outfit inspiration for days. Follow this doll for a daily dose of fabulousness. Not to mention, the fashion and fitness enthusiast married her longtime partner during the first weekend of pride month. She’s dishing out tons of wedding content from her “Fiancé Friday” series to her “Wife Wednesday” series; you’ll be hooked!

3. Char

Char’s Instagram feed is a collection of art. She will inspire anyone to be their creative selves by watching her live her life through her vibrant and confident photos. Also, check out her brand, “Girls Will Be Boys,” and her podcast, “Say It With Your Chest.” 

4. Tann koga

Tann is fly. They are not only interesting to follow, but they are also redefining the tattoo game. The artist owns Ink The Diaspora, where they specialize in adorning darker skin with quality art. Check their page out for inspiration!

5. Catherine

Catherine’s Instagram feed is a colorful adventure that you must explore. The social media video producer represents everything vibrant with her unconventional style and audacious personality. Follow her for a dose of daily confidence. 


Tarrion J’s life is a movie…period. The New York writer lives on the edge and pens about his fascinating experiences and unapologetic life on his riveting blog, Perplexxed. If you’re perusing Instagram and need vicarious living, overly attractive and stylish pictures, and juicy IG stories covering every NYC nook and cranny, follow this stud. 


7. Linnea

Linnea’s goal is to capture the culture in a positive light, and she’s doing just that! The creative runs a production company, all while living her best life and supporting her beloved AKA sorority. Follow Linnea for a dose of fly pics plus hustle motivation. 

8. Jame

Follow Jame, and you’ll immediately be hooked on his hilarious personality and fierce style. The Virginia native is all about living life to the fullest and looking damn good while doing so. His Instagram stories will have you laughing hysterically, and his fashion will force you to gawk. It’s only a matter of time before he’s dominating someone’s reality show.