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1. 23. Gimme a Break (1981)

Who didn’t want to give Nell Carter a few breaks for singing this song? She sure did need it.

2. 22. The PJs (1999)

“Low rent, high rise living, y’all.” George Clinton lent his funk for this short-lived Eddie Murphy cartoon.

3. 21. New York Undercover (1994)

This theme was the softest thing about this show. Those horns were just a precursor to all the crazy sh*t that was gonna go down.

4. 20. The Jamie Foxx Show (1996)

Try and get this song out of your head once the show is over. It’s not going to happen. “Here I go, here I go,…

5. 19. Proud Family (2001)

Sung by Solange featuring Destiny’s Child, this cute theme song gave the perfect portrayal of family life — pushing buttons one minute and then hugging…

6. 18. Girlfriends (2008)

It was the “Waiting to Exhale” of TV shows, and this was the “Shoop, Shoop” of theme songs.

7. 17. Sister, Sister (1994)

Was this what it really felt like to find your long lost twin? We don’t know, but we loved to sing it!

8. 13. Martin (1992)

“Martiiiiinnnnn!” It’s probably one of the goofiest things you’ve ever sung — and admit, we know you did!

9. 10. Good Times (1974)

“Good Times” had to be one of the most depressing theme songs to date. But dammit, if you didn’t put your best voice on to…

10. 9. Family Matters (1989)

It was the most hopeful theme song for a show about an irritable cop who couldn’t stand his teenage neighbor.

11. 7. The Cosby Show (Season 6) (1983)

Bill Cosby always had a way with the themes he chose for each season of the show, but this one had to be the best…

12. 6. Sanford and Son (1972)

Shoutout to Quincy Jones for “The Streetbeater” theme. It’s been featured in countless other shows, such as The Simpsons, and was also covered by the…

13. 5. Amen (1986)

It is IMPOSSIBLE not to have your spirits lifted after you listen to this theme. Also complete with Patti LaBelle wings so you can fly…

14. 4. Living Single (1993)

Queen Latifah sang this timeless theme. Your real friends will always have your back!

15. 3. A Different World (1984)

The show song got a whole lot better once Lisa Bonet wasn’t in the cast anymore, and thanks to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin,…

16. 1. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)

One of the most well-known theme songs, this is the second one on our list composed by the great Quincy Jones. The full-version of this…

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