For the first time since 1992 Brett Favre will not be under center to start an NFL game when the Minnesota Vikings take on the New York Giants tonight, snapping a consecutive start streak of 297 straight games.

Florida — FAMU has the worst student debt problem in the entire State University System of Florida. The members of FAMU’s Class of 2009 graduated with an average debt of $27,253.

What an ample … picture! V magazine’s logo attacts more attention to Salma Hayek’s chest in the cover of December’s edition, on newsstands now. The Mexican actress helps promote their main feature of “weapons of a woman”, as if her breasts are her particular weapon of choice. Salma is also wearing a sophisticated attire and […]

Chris Brown is on his way to taking the charts back over, he launched a new webisode “This Is Me” which takes a look into his life and journey on making his new album.

The Campari Calendar is an exclusive piece of art created and distributed by the refreshing Italian cocktail Campari. They only print 9,999 copies every year, and it’s not on sale, so it’s a collectible item, and if you manage to get your hands on one of them, it’s quite a visual treat. In previous years, […]

Mariah Carey visited the White House to sing for TNT’s Christmas In Washington 2010.

Welp, you can bet that Lebron James has “ho** in different area codes,” being that he moved from Cleveland to Miami.

News broke that Ja Rule is to serve 2 years in prison for a gun charge.

Animal rights group PETA is making their next victim Nicole Richie. Nicole married longtime boyfriend (and father of her two children) Joel Madden this past weekend, where they had a live elephant as a guest of honor. The couple had the giant animal delivered to their big day at Lionel Richie’s Beverly Hills mansion on […]