Special K’s Top 5

Special K’s TOP 5 LEAST REQUESTED TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS 2010 (Sponsored today by the Jim Willis Tax Service/Auto Painting/Mortuary – “Come get Paid, Sprayed, and Laid” all in the same place…..) 5) The “I Wanna Dance Like Diddy” game on Wii 4) Section 8 Barbie (comes with 5 kids under the age of 10, a […]

Top 5 Reasons I Didn’t Make it to College 5)  Because the 11th grade was the best 3 years of my life…. 4)  Because I couldnt find nobody to keep my kids…… 3)  When i went to fill out my student loan paperwork my pen kept going out….. 2)  At the time I was really into […]

Top 5 Good Things about Being Homeless 5)  Dont have to deal with neighbors blocking your driveway when they have a party 4)  Never ever have to be concerned about replacing gutters 3)  You never have to deal with being charged too much by your yard man 2)  Never have to worry about losing your door key […]

Lil Wayne was a pretty popular prisoner at Rikers during his 8 month stay. Captain Raphael Collazzo of Riker’s Island faced a 10-day suspension, without pay, for making an unauthorized visit to Weezy while he was in solitary confinement. Prior to this a female guard, Amelia Negron, was dismissed from her position after being accused […]

SPECIAL K’S Top 5 Toddler Lawsuits: 5) 3 yr old in Milwaukee got sued for squeezing a red Capri Sun on man wearing a white suit…… 4) 2 yr old in Charlotte sued for $430 for running through McDonalds and knocking over a dude tray with a hotcakes and sausage platter with a large OJ…….. 3) 4 yr […]

Top 5 Signs You Got a Bad Apartment Deal 5) You’re an attractive single woman, and the property manager says, “Did you hear about the sex with me, rent for free special?” 4) The leasing office is also the candy lady house, the weed trap, and they selling pit bull puppies 3) They’re environmentally friendly […]