Special K’s Top 5

Another Black History Spotlight from Special K – George Washington Carver – Inventor/scientist/botanist – developed and promoted about 100 products made from peanuts that were useful for the house and farm, including cosmetics, paints, plastics, nitroglycerin, and peanut butter. While at Tuskeegee, a visiting professor was marveling at his creations and Dr Carver was quoted […]

When news broke that Jennifer Lopez was divorcing her husband of seven years, Marc Anthony, the first thought was, “Why?” Hollywood can be a tough place to maintain a relationship and only the two of them know what really happened, but that won’t stop us from speculating. Here are 5 Reasons we think that J-Lo […]

Top 5 Things I’m Still Trying to Figure Out From BET Awards Show 2011 5) Why let Willow and Jaden Smith win ANY more awards….haven’t they won enough just being born Willow and Jaden Smith? 4) Is Nick Cannon EVER gonna get involved in something trifling and so ninjas out here in the streets can […]

After vehemently insisting that his Twitter account had been hacked when a lewd photo was sent to one of his female followers, Congressman Anthony Weiner has now come clean. During a press conference today he admitted that he did send the photos and that they were of him. While a politician admitting to cheating on […]

Precious’ Top 5 Hall of Fame Snacks 5)  That bucket of chicken she ran out the store with 4)      Little Debbie Oatmeal Pie dipped in strawberry ice cream 3)      McDonalds baked apple pie stuffed with Now & Laters 2)      Pickled pig feet warmed up with ranch dressing 1)      KFC Double Down with waffle fries and […]

News U Absolutely, Positively, Cannot Use (Feb 2 Edition) In world news, Sec of State Hillary Clinton announced that the real reason behind all the rioting and demonstrations in Egypt has nothing to do with the government after all. Turns out people there are just pissed that Zaxby’s is gonna start charging .35 cents for […]

Special K Gospel Stage Plays He’s Currently Working On: v     Oh Lord Sweet Jesus, Please Let Sprint Cut My Phone Back On” v     “Lord, Get This Ni**a Out My House, You Know He Got Felony Warrants” v     “I Tried to Ride With Jesus, But He Made Me Get a Cab” v     “For Colored Girls Who Considered […]

News U Absolutely, Positively, Cannot Use 1/20/11 Sponsored today by Bill Evans Car City where the motto is: “We Got Cars that’ll Get You Riding Pretty; Even if Your Money’s Low and Your Credit’s Really…Bad.” In political news, Republican House leader John “Boner” has said that since repealing HCR aint gonna work, the R congress […]