The Show

The National Academy of the Recording Arts and Sciences announced the nominations for the 53rd annual Grammy Awards last night in Los Angeles.

Turquoise Jeep is a comedy team (we hope) of rappers that have some hilarious and original phrases turned into catchy songs. Yung Humma and his team released one of their most popular songs “Fried or Fertilized” just a couple months ago and now have started a wave of hits and fans across the nation. Their silly […]

Last week on Black Friday Lil Kim finally responded to Nicki Minaj’s diss record “Roman’s Revenge.” While we give the Queen Bee points for  attitude we feel like these were good jabs when she needed to throw some jaw-breaking, Kimbo Slice elbows.

Kanye West’s “Monster” video is sure to be quite the conversation starter if this behind the scenes footage is any indication.

Despite many delays, it looks like the details about Diddy’s upcoming album have been finalized.

True fans of west coast hip-hop remember South Central Cartel.

Los Angeles — This week, the casting director of “The Hobbit” was fired for turning away a woman of Pakistani descent for being too dark to play a hobbit. The agent also placed an advertisement in a New Zealand newspaper seeking extras with “light skin tones.” “We are looking for light-skinned people. I’m not trying […]

Nearly 20 years ago, a scrawny kid from Long Beach, CA exploded onto the music scene with his unapologetic rhymes about the rough and violent life that he knew.

The break-up of A Tribe Called Quest in 1998 was truly the end of an era.