Brittney Griner is still going through it in Russia. She was denied appeal for a reduced prison sentence yesterday.

Social media is questioning if Monica and Kodak Black could possibly be an item because they have been spending a lot of time together!

It's no secret that Angela Bassett is loved by the culture and has a long-running career in film. The queen reflected on her 107 acting credits and the longevity of her career with Essence with a Wakanda theme pop art.

It's looking like Ye may be canceled! Ye is losing all of his endorsements and deals with Adidas being the latest. 

A listener wrote in a letter about how he doesn't like his wife's new look and Rickey is here to help him out!

In the coming months, officials are saying the COVID-19 vaccines will begin to cost. Are you down for a robot doing work around the house?

Travis Scott is speaking out on his cheating allegations. Gary gets into this and the tea behind Akon's fake watch to French Montana. 

Maria More may just have the solution to your weight loss issues. If you're trying to lose weight or are hitting a dead end, then listen up!

Rock-T is shouting out the first HBCU for the HBCU segment! Cheyney University Of Pennsylvania was the first HBCU institution ever.

Cynthia Bailey opened up about her ex-husband, Peter Thomas reaching out to her after her divorce announcement with Mike Hill.