Men’s Health

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men, but research shows a diet rich in the right kinds of vegetables and fruits can lower men’s risk of getting the disease. The prostate is a gland located in the male reproductive system, and its primary function is to produce semen that […]

Urban One has launched the Represent Men’s Health initiative with the aim of raising awareness of how Black men are focusing on their minds and bodies to remain their healthiest. This week, the focus is squarely on prostate cancer, a deadly condition that, with diet changes along with routine screening, can be detected and contained […]

As men grow older, it is more likely that they will develop an issue with their prostates, according to Harvard Medical School, and one of the most critical issues men can face when it comes to their prostates is prostate cancer. Research shows that one in nine men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in […]

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute defines cholesterol as a, “waxy, fat-like substance,” located in every cell of your blood. It is necessary for your body to function properly and aids in the body’s digestion, provides a protective barrier for every cell, manufactures testosterone in men and estrogen in women, and much more. Cholesterol […]

“We’re The Campbells” began last week and fans were so excited to see Erica Campbell and her family.

Greetings, On behalf of our Urban One family, it is my pleasure to announce the launch of our REPRESENT. Men’s Health initiative. The REPRESENT. campaign was developed by my mother and business partner, Cathy Hughes. It is a quarterly initiative whereby all of the Urban One radio stations and Divisions work collaboratively in support of […]

WHAT KIND OF GLUCOSE TEST SHOULD A PERSON ASK OUR DOCTORS TO TEST FOR DIABETES? IS IT COVERED BY INSURANCE? Two tests are commonly used to screen for diabetes—a fasting glucose test, or an A1C test. Both are routinely covered by insurance. WHAT IS THE A1C TEST AND WHY SHOULD PEOPLE GET IT? The A1C […]

  Dr. Ryan Williams is a colorectal surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic who specializes in the treatment of diseases of the colon and rectum. He…