The woman's attorney told the court that her client was refused clothing, feminine hygiene products and a shower.

The teen, whose name has not been released, has been charged as a juvenile and was being questioned Saturday by investigators in connection with the deaths.

Officer Michael Kelley finally speaks up on the facts that prosecutors wanted him to hide.

An Ann Arbor mortgage loan officer lost her job for calling FLOTUS an "ugly Black B----."

From King to O'Reilly, the irresponsible dissemination of a whitewashed history, which many believed to be powered by Donald Trump's xenophobia, seems to dominate the internet. But is this type of rhetoric, while not new, fueled by the upcoming election?

More details about WikiLeaks’ Democratic National Committee email dump have been revealed. According to reports, one of the emails sent between DNC staffers mocked the name of LaQueenia Gibson—an African-American woman who serves as an executive assistant for Haddad Brands, a children’s clothing store. The initial email was sent from Haddad Chief Product Officer Rob Smith to […]

In a new interview, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback shocked Black Lives Matter supporters when he admitted he didn't fully support the movement.

See Hillary Clinton’s evolution from skirt-suits as First Lady to pantsuits as Senator, Secretary of State and 2016 Presidential Candidate.

San Mateo's Noah White Winchester was charged with 22 counts and is being held on $3.1 million bail.

The former secretary of state strongly made the case why she deserves to America's next Commander In Chief.