A white man named Kenny Bomer shown on video threatening to "whip" a Black man with his "belt" said he's actually a Muslim Black Lives Matter activist, but no one seems to believe him. The post ‘Racist’ White Man On Video Threatening To ‘Whip’ Black Man Is Actually A Muslim Activist… Or Is He? appeared first on NewsOne.


These events have been shown to be a form of “white backlash” working to keep Black officeholders out of power. The post ‘White Backlash’: America’s History Of Silencing Elected Black Officials appeared first on NewsOne.

With or without the boos, Ron DeSantis shouldn't have even shown up at the vigil in Jacksonville to honor the victims of the racist mass shooting. The post Jacksonville Has Every Right To Boo DeSantis At Vigil For Victims Of Racist Shooting appeared first on NewsOne.

Writer Pamela Paul wrote an op-ed piece titled, "Don't Call Her Karen," in defense of Sarah Jane Comrie aka “Citi Bike Karen.” The post ‘Don’t Call Her Karen’: White Woman’s NYT Op-Ed Defends Sarah Jane ‘Citi Bike’ Comrie appeared first on NewsOne.


Even when folks who look like Ja Morant innocuously and legally possess a gun, they find themselves too easily typecast as villains. The post Ja Morant And The Perceived Menace Of The Black Gangster appeared first on NewsOne.

Viral video shows a Philadelphia principal denying a Black graduate her diploma because she danced across the stage. Calm down, Karen. Let the young people have their moment. The post Diploma Karen: Video Shows Philadelphia Principal Denying Degree To Black Grad For Dancing Across Stage appeared first on NewsOne.

After the NAACP issued a travel advisory for Florida, these other states could use the same treatment due to their legislation and policies that disproportionately affect Black people.

Mississippi news anchor Barbie Bassett hasn't been on the air for NBC affiliate WLBT since she uttered the words “Fo shizzle, my nizzle.” Bassett's "nizzle" remark wasn't her first racist rodeo. The post Is ‘Nizzle’ Really A Bad Word? Split Responses To News Anchor’s Removal For Quoting Snoop Dogg On The Air appeared first on NewsOne.

A Florida school pulled the movie 'Ruby Bridges' about the 6-year-old Black girl integrating New Orleans schools in the 1960s after one parent complained. The post Thanks, Ron DeSantis: Florida School District Pulls ‘Ruby Bridges’ Movie After 1 White Parent Complains appeared first on NewsOne.

Regardless of guilt or innocence, incidents like Jonathan Majors' assault arrest can tarnish a celebrity's reputation. It could leave a small asterisk next to his name that will follow him around his whole career. The post Jonathan Majors’ Arrest May Have Tarnished His Pristine Reputation Forever, Whether He’s Innocent Or Not appeared first on NewsOne.