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Torii Hunter CensoredLos Angeles Angels baseball player Torii Hunter got a lesson in censorship yesterday. Torii Hunter tweeted about an awkward moment of his day which involved Hunter tripping the alarm in his mansion and having the police show up with guns drawn. According to Hunter’s Twitter, cops didn’t believe he lived in the exclusive neighborhood. Cops followed Torii to his bedroom where Torii showed them his identification. One of the cops then said he was an Angels fan and wished him a great season.

Issues rose for the baseball star when he insinuated he was racially profiled. Hunter tweeted, “They didn’t believe I lived here in Newport Coast so they walked me upstairs at gunpoint to get my ID. That’s racist.” A few moments later, Hunter’s position changed. He said on the social networking site, “Hey Twitterland! I’m not upset that the cops did their job today. I’m actually glad they were protecting home. t was my fault that the alarm went off anyways. I just thought it was cool to let u guys know my awkward moment for today. The cops that were here today had there guns drawn but pointed downward in for safety. Those guys handled the situation like trained cops.”

What, besides Los Angeles Angels higher ups, could make a black man change his opinion on a situation he deemed racist? Sounds like Torii Hunter is under the thumb of oppression in L.A.

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