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There are those few celebs that are simply click-worthy no matter what their latest debacle is about. You see their name and you just can’t help yourself but to see what’s up. They are must-read headliners covered by all the trashy gossip news sites you love!

Whether it’s Jay and Bey, Rick Ross, Rihanna, Bobby Brown or DMX, here’s a playlist round-up of the most scandalous talked-about in the game:

And here are a few more playlists if your gossip-radar is biased towards one particular artist:

Beyonce’s Sexiest Slow Songs

Her new Tumblr and website, her blue diamond ring from Jay-Z, all the gossip surrounding baby Blue Ivy… the world of news just can’t get away and won’t get away from Beyonce anytime soon. Let Beyonce put you in a sexy mood with these slow, sensual tracks.

Produced By Kanye West

Kanye’s new song “Theraflu” and his latest “love” for Kim Kardashian are all the rage right now. You can listen to these songs produced by Yeezy from the last decade while you read up on his gossip.

Featuring Drake

So much is going on with Drake and his new album release. His hit song “Take Care” has been making headlines since it’s early sneak preview. We’ve been teased and teased again with every song and video that he debuts. Here are some songs and remixes written by, performed by, and featuring Drizzy for you Drake fans!

That’s RiRi On The Hook!

Love her, hate her, you just can’t get away from her. Is she getting back with Chris Brown? Getting hot and heavy with Ashton Kutcher? Her newest hair color, outfit, twitter photos… we want to know it all. Check out all of your favorite songs that Rihanna has been featured.

Celebrate Nicki Minaj, Barbie Style

Crazy outfits? Outrageous hair? Attitude and swag all-in-one? We’re talking about rap’s favorite Barbie, Ms. Nicki Minaj. Jam to her best tracks with this playlist when you want to let loose and get a lil crazy… Or a-lot crazy.

That was only a few of the big names covering tabloids. Visit BlackPlanet Radio for even more hot playlists featuring your favorite artists!

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