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During a recent performance in Sweden, rapper Game, showed how malicious he can be after he humiliated a young woman on stage by commenting on her slightly pudgy belly. Firstly, I could have sworn Game is engaged, which leads me to my first point: why are you touching another woman’s stomach? Secondly, why embarrass the poor girl on stage in front of thousands of people by insulting her body image? Sure, she seemed confident as she swayed back and fourth on the crowded stage, but is your confidence so low that you have to tear her’s down?

Though the woman is tall, beautiful and shapely, she is still criticized for the little bit of fat she carries. This is an issue the media and Hip Hop community constantly perpetuate. Leading women to believe that unattainable images are attractive is one of the leading causes in self esteem issues among the female race. Sorry, we can’t all be video girls!

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