Young Jeezy has opened up about what he and Betty White discussed when they briefly met earlier in the year. It seems Betty White is a fan of his rhymes, and he, a fan of the iconic sitcom Golden Girls.

He revealed to VIBE: “We were just chopping it up and she was saying she’s a fan of me. Then, we were talking about the Golden Girls and how much of a fan I was of the show when I was growing up. It was her birthday at the time, and she just turned 90. You know, she just cool and she been through a lot, and she still here. A lot of her co-stars are gone but she still going strong. I was trying to see if she is taking anything some kind of herb diet I mean I need to know I want to be around when I am 90, too.”

I’ll just assume B-White’s favorite Jeezy cut involved the lyrics “boom, boom, clap.”


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