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By Danielle Young

I’ll admit, I’m one of those conspiracy theorists about Beyonce’s pregnancy. I’m not the only one, so don’t crucify me, but honestly Beyonce’s public display of baby Blue Ivy these days is rubbing me the wrong way.

Both Beyonce and poppa Jay-Z have always been very private, despite their star-studded lives. They managed to keep their wedding a secret and everything about Blue Ivy was private and only shared on their terms.

I’ve never seen any celebrity have this much control over what the media releases about them, especially since we’re living in a time where even private wakes are desecrated with camera phone snaps of a fallen star at rest.

It all just seems so orchestrated and something’s just not sitting well with me. It’s not just the overtly public breastfeeding, it’s Blue Ivy’s entire existence that’s puzzling to me. Usually when folks are so adamant about showing something off, it’s like they’ve got something to prove. It’s as if Beyonce wants us to see that she’s a mother. We see you Bey, but I’m still not convinced, so here’s three reasons why Beyonce’s got me suspicious over Blue Ivy.

1. Under and Overexposure

Beyonce’s pregnancy timeline confused us all. From appearances to videos to paparazzi spottings, we never knew how far along Bey was. Her entire pregnancy was a stealthy mystery. Now at only seven weeks, Blue Ivy’s been hitting the streets, strapped to her superstar momma.  It’s a little strange to me that now that Blue Ivy’s here, Beyonce’s very public with something that’s a bit private–breastfeeding.

2. Maternity Memories

Beyonce will murder any photoshoot she steps her Louboutin-clad feet in. She’s also very proud of her motherhood. Putting the two together, it seems Bey would have bared it all for a tasteful maternity shoot. If not to grace the cover of Essence, to at least share via her website or Jay’s blog.

3. What The Heel(s)?

Beyonce’s known for strutting around in her five inch and up stilettos without ever missing a step. She even did so while she was carrying Blue Ivy. So now after Blue Ivy’s birth, Beyonce’s strutting around in flats. There’s always a risk of falling whether carrying a baby in your womb or in your arms. Bey seems to be a bit more careful now. Hmm.

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