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“Between the mid-80’s Whitney and the mid-to-late 90’s Whitney was like apples and oranges, and it was really sad,” said Bowman. “How come her handlers management pr people—they witnessed this stuff too. They didn’t do anything!”

Bowman says he became close with the singer and was shocked by her erratic and self-destructive behavior.

He recalls, “She was smoking joints. A lot of them. Joint, after joint, after joint, you know, and then she would be talking to herself.”

He says Bobby Brown and Houston once accidently set fire to their limo while smoking crack.

“There were times I was worried my limo is going to be driving down the freeway and it’s going to explode,” said Bowman.

But perhaps most shocking of all was the day he claims Houston smoked crack in front of her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, then just seven years old.

Bowman blames Whitney’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, for Houston’s descent into drug addiction.

Bowman said, “When she got together with him, he brought elements into her life that had previously not been there involving hard partying and drug use, excessive alcohol, lots of late hours.”

Once, he says, he witnessed Bobby Brown and Houston involved in a sexual encounter with another well-known female star in the back of his car.

“She was just in her bra and Bobby was sitting on the rear-facing seat, the jump seat in an eight-passenger limo, staring at the two hitting a crack pipe. It’s one of those memorable things you just don’t forget,” recalled Bowman.

Houston was such a mess at one point that 53-year-old Bowman said he tried to warn her she was killing herself with drugs. But she refused to heed his advice.

“She has reached that point where the drugs, I think, had gotten into her enough that she didn’t want to hear it from anybody. She just said, ‘Look, you can’t tell me this stuff. You’re just the limo driver,’ and she slammed the door and that’s the last time I ever talked to her,” said Bowman.

He said he was stunned when he was told the news his famous client had died exactly as he had warned her.