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By Tom Weir, USA TODAY
Updated 2d 8h ago

Kobe Bryant was married to his wife Vanessa for more than 10 years
By LM Otero, AP

Kobe Bryant’s divorce – and lack of a prenuptial agreement – could cost him as much as $75 million, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Christopher C. Melcher, a Los Angeles-area family law attorney, told the newspaper that a prenup could have limited the rights for spousal support and some property rights for his soon-to-be ex-wife Vanessa.

“It could have saved half of his fortune,” Melcher told the Times.

Bryant’s net worth has been estimated by some to be as much as $150million. The Times was told several years ago by Vanessa’s mother that the couple didn’t sign a prenup before marrying in 2001, which entitles her to half of all community property.

The Times says experts also expect Vanessa to receive ongoing spousal and child support, and possibly some of Kobe’s retirement money. Another factor is that the two were married more than 10 years, which under California law qualifies it as a lengthy marriage, and entitles Vanessa to maintain her standard of living after the divorce.

In a joint statement Friday, according to the Times, the couple issued a statement saying they “resolved all issues incident to their divorce privately.”

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