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On last night’s episode of “Braxton Family Values” we learned exactly what an “oral transaction” was but since we’re a family site, I’ll leave that definition up to your imagination. After hearing about Gabe’s infidelity towards Trina on last season, it’s surprising to hear that Trina has been dipping outside of her marriage too. She confesses to Tamar and Towanda that she recently had an “oral” transaction with one of the members in her band. However, she also confesses that it only went one way. When Tamar finds this small detail out, she doesn’t let it go! “But he at least shoulda ate the pie in order for him to get to the cream, Trina!” Tamar says. (Aaaamen sista, Tamar!)

The girls convince Trina not to tell the truth to Gabe especially since he’s already paranoid about her whereabouts and already suspects that she’s stepped out on their marriage. Trina agrees, but that doesn’t stop her from spilling the beans to the whole family. When the girls meet up to have dinner with Mama Ev, a tipsy Trina spills it all!

“I sucked on a ****! I sure did, and I liked it, and I enjoyed it! Excuse me, Mommy, I’m sorry. But you know what? I tasted it, I sucked it, and I liked it. It was a payback like a ****” YIKES!!

A few days later, Trina and Gabe decide to go to therapy where Trina admits to her cheating, despite the warning from her sisters. Gabe, of course, feels betrayed and their therapist tells them that they need to reevaluate their marriage. (YA THINK?!)

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