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Official basketball wife (check her credentials, she’s wedded 16 times!) Jackie Christie has been bad mouthed by the media for years as Doug’s ball-and-chain/parole officer, but she’s not the she-devil the media makes her out to be.

Since production started for VH1’s “Basketball Wives LA,” Jackie Christie has been taking care of an ailing mother and playing mom to more than her three children.

Here’s what she had to say when she spoke to TV One.


In reference to the cast of BBWLA, Jackie Christie says she is a mentor for the other women. Her wholesome yet spicy delivery can make even Draya calm down and adhere.

“I don’t have an issue with anybody on the show,” Jackie says. “I’m more of the mentor. They come to me for advice, my intentions are to help them to be better people.”

Jackie says when she lost her mother Cora last month, all of her cast members reached out to her, even the ones she didn’t necessarily get along with.

“I was touched by the girls when they reached out,” Jackie Says, “It shows that they’re great people. Everybody put what they thought about me aside and reached out.”

The Place This Basketball Wife Calls Home

Losing Her Mother

Before her mom’s death, Jackie and family made frequent trips from L.A. up to Washington to spend time with Cora, who was battling liver cancer.

“Losing my mom, I’d say is the hardest thing I ever had to deal with my life,” says Jackie. They became close 19 years ago when Cora started helping raise Jackie’s kids.

“I was a working mother,” Jackie says, “I said if you stop working and help I will make sure that I take care of you always. We’ve gotten closer in the 19 years; it’s amazing what I learned from her.”

One of the things Jackie learned from Cora was how to be a great mother, even to her oldest daughter Ta’Kari, who was recently involved with some social media mishap.

The Drama Surrounding Her Oldest Daughter

Ta’Kari challenged Jackie’s mothering techniques and the authenticity of her relationship with her own mother on Twitter, but Jackie says her daughter didn’t do it on her own.

“I love my daughter with all my heart. I was shocked when all that stuff came up because it couldn’t be further from the truth,” Jackie says. “When I asked about it, there were people who were trying to push my daughter to do that stuff. It is pathetic. I would never put my daughter out there and throw her under the bus.”

Jackie says Ta’Kari, who was spending weekend with her at the time of the interview, apologized and they have prayed about the issue.

“Some website tried to release that article.” Christie says, “It was a lot of people doing that, claiming they were with Ta’Kari; she had nothing to do with that.”

Jackie, who is used to the media bashing her name, has not allowed the gossip to bother her. Even though her mother has passed and the first season of “BWLA” is over, Jackie continues to spread her wisdom on love, parenting, and friendships though her many entrepreneurial pursuits including inspirational books and Jean Rah Fya record company.


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