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Halloween is right around the corner and by now you probably have your costume picked out. But have you given any thought to your nails?  Recently, I felt inspired to go on the hunt for a nail design that is festive enough for the upcoming costume parties or trick or treating with the little ones. The colors I went with to accomplish this look were orange, black, a white. I searched the web for a few looks and was inspired by what I found to create my own look.  Here is a simple nail design that you can recreate at home:

1.) Apply a base coat/nail hardener to your nails.

2.) Use a tangerine/orange nail color as your background to set the tone for the theme, in this case a spider web design.

3.) Grab a bottle of black nail polish and sparingly tap it in various sections of your nails to create small dots. Feel free to apply between four to five dots; you don’t want to add too many or else it will start to look cluttered.

4.) Use a thin white design brush to create the spider nail design. Begin by creating a diamond shape on the finger you want to add the spider web too. Make sure the diamond shape is wide enough to paint another four strokes inside the first diagonal square. After you’ve created the two diamonds, paint a line going across from one corner to another and repeat for the opposite angle to have your web complete!

5.) Finish with clear top coat to seal the design, which will help all that hard work last longer!

As a bonus, if you have a wide enough dot, add a smiley face. To make the smiley face use the white nail polish thin-brush to create your web. After creating the two dots as eyes, and a thin line for the smile apply two slant dashes above the eye for an ‘evil Halloween looking’ touch.

Knock-Knock? Who’s there?

My Spider-web nails!

Well, if that joke didn’t make you laugh, share your Halloween inspired nails on our Facebook page or share a twitpic @HelloBeautiful!

You can follow me for more on nail care @NessaLovesMusic.

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