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Ever wonder where Beyonce, Lady Gaga or Amber Rose get their amazing dresses? If you even care, you’d probably find that they shop at Neiman Marcus, Herve Leger, Vera Wang or straight off the runway! A Herve Leger dress can cost you up to $2,000 and trust me, you can’t wear cheap shoes with it either, so don’t even think about skimping there! Not every one can comfortably afford such steep prices, but every woman deserves the right to feel just as beautiful as the next. CelebBoutique.com offers you the same style garments for a fraction of the price!

I received my dress in a luxurious black box adorned with a bow, shipping was fast and easy! Immediately I noticed the intricate details that you aren’t able to see in the photo on the website; I was elated and super hype to put it on. It’s a “bandage bodycon” fit which basically means it’s going to suck you in places to give you an enhanced shape. The fabric was thick and soft and fit precisely around my silhouette. I felt glamorous. With a simple gold bracelet, earrings, and leopard pumps, I was red carpet ready!

The dress I’m wearing (below) is just one of the replicated dresses Celeb Boutique offers, see below for more:

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