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Contagion was the number one film at the box office last weekend, but there are some things that bother us about it. Some of the actions just don’t add up in the movie, and if you haven’t seen Contagion yet and don’t want us to spoil it, read this list from your own risk.

1. If she was so dang contagious, would the hospital really release Gwyneth Paltrow’s body to her family?

You couldn’t help but feel bad for Matt Damon’s character when he was told by a funeral director that they wouldn’t accept the bodies of his wife (Paltrow) and stepson because of the risk they posed to the general public. Yet, why did the hospital even release the bodies in the first place? Especially after the autopsy doctors were so alarmed by what they found while cutting into Paltrow’s brain.

2. Why was Matt Damon’s character immune?

Well, the film didn’t explain that — which was fine. Besides, it would just have resulted in more scientific mumbo-jumbo. What did need an explanation?

3. Why didn’t someone steal his immunity wristband?

A thing like that would have been priceless. Maybe no one else knew he had it under that bulky parka, but …

Read the rest of the list right here.


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