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Pittsburgh, PA rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested in Greenville, North Carolina for unknown reasons, it’s being reported.

While details are sketchy, early reports state that Wiz Khalifa was at a show at East Carolina University when police reportedly stopped his show 45 minutes into his set. He was arrested later, as he attempted to board his tour bus. Sources suggest the arrest is related to Khalifa’s penchant for smoking marijuana.

The popular Pittsburgh rapper, known for his hit single “Black and Yellow,” has boasted about smoking about $10,000 in weed per month. The 22-year-old rapper was in town to perform at Wright Auditorium, as part of the national “Waken Baken Tour 2010.”

The rapper, whose real name is Cameron Thomaz, remains in the Pitt County Detention center after he was apprehended in the middle of a concert at East Carolina University .

His bond was set at $300,000 and, according to reports remains in custody.

Fans captured video of his arrest below:


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