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Was Amber Rose Kanye West’s “Phoenix”?


Amber Rose may be reinventing herself as “Ember” Rose.

Kanye West’s buxom bald-headed ex-girlfriend may be the only one who really understands the true meaning behind his movie, “Runaway.” The 36-minute short features several songs from Kanye’s upcoming album, My Dark Twisted Fantasy and model Selita Ebanks as his fine feathered love interest, a Phoenix.

The dramatic movie ends with the Phoenix leaving Kanye, thus fulfilling her destiny to go up in flames.

Possibly feeling emboldened by the clip Amber Rose has chosen to break her silence about her relationship to Kanye West–via Twitter.

“For two years the media said what they wanted about me without knowing me at all and I kept my mouth shut. Now it’s my turn to talk,” she began. “Never wanted fame, just wanted love. God dealt me this hand so I’ll take it as a blessing.”

She concluded by stating, “I loved a famous man and he loved me. He showed me the world and a whole new life. Thank you.”

Is this revelation her way of saying that she is Kanye’s Phoenix that left? The timing of this would lead us to think that, but who knows. It may just be the set up for Rose’s own cinematic tour de force that she is preparing to unleash on the world.

“I wrote my own show and will executive produce it along with Den of Thieves,” she wrote. “Can’t wait to start filming.”

Burn, Hollywood, burn.


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