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Lil Kim has been in the rap game for over 10 years now and thanks to her many hit songs some may even crown her queen. She first stepped on the scene as the first lady of The Notorious B.I.G’s Junior Mafia and as what some hip-hop heads would say Biggie’s main b*tch. Lil Kim has gone on to become a major superstar and is known by many around the world. Despite what she’s been going through personally and professionally of late, you can’t take away what she’s accomplished. Let’s take a look into at some of the hottest songs Lil Kim has given us over the years.

No Time ft. Puff Daddy– The first hit off her classic Hard Core solo debut took the industry by storm along with Puff Daddy, but nowadays we don’t see the same girl from the escalator.

Big Momma Thang-Now this track right here had a ton of females letting their freak side out. Lil Kim came with the classic line “I use to be scared of the ___ now I throw lips to the ish, handle it like a real b*tich/ Heather Hunter Janet Jackme take it the b– yea yea what”

Queen Bitch– One of the hardest tracks on Hard Core where she lets the hip hop world know why she is the Queen of rap. Lil Kim gets gritty and pretty at the same time on this track and the beat is crazy.

Drugs– Now this is a hit you can just throw on in the house and just feel it as she told you in the intro. You take this one in as your Dolce host presents extravagance.

“Crush On You” (featuring Notorious B.I.G. and Lil’ Cease)- This just may be the most classic hit of them all from Lil Kim and the music video will never be forgotten. The colors, the wigs, the scenery and the cameo appearance from Aaliyah made this memorable. Everyone and their momma from this era knows this song word for word.

Magic Stick (featuring 50 Cent) Now this may have been the biggest hit on Labella Mafia. After Lil Kim recorded this with 50 Cent for Get Rich Or Die Trying she stated she had to have it and 50 gave it to her. It was too bad they had a disagreement and the music video never happened.

“Hold On” (featuring Mary J. Blige)- I personally like this track because she expresseed the love she had for The Notorious B.I.G while he was alive and after. You can tell she was very vulnable while recording and you can only love a track where an artist can let their guard down and express themselves.

“Suck My D*ck” Lil Kim decides to turn the tables and let the fellas know that even though she is a female, she is still a boss in her own right.

“Came Back for You“- As usual Lil Kim lets the other female rappers know who is number 1. She come off very confident and hard at the same time as she remind them that she been busy but she didn’t forget and they bet not forget who holds the crown.

“Lighters Up” had become one of many Brooklyn Anthems with a latin reggae twist to it. Lil Kim created yet another frenzy around herself right before she turned herself in to serve her one year sentence in prison.