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Longtime fans of Brandy may be happy to know that she is sidestepping the current trend of R&B stars like Chris Brown and Usher doing Euro-Pop records.  In fact, Brandy says she’s returning to the sound of her first three albums.

“I’m not going for the Euro pop [sound] on this album,” Brandy told The BoomBox. “I like different styles of music, and that pop style is fine. It’s the type of music that makes me move. But I just don’t want to forget about my core audience. Just look at Usher. He did all his R&B in the beginning. Now he is playing around with the pop sound. And there’s nothing wrong with that because for years he gave us what we wanted.”

In the interview, Brandy admitted that her last album, 2008’s Human, was a step in the wrong direction. “I think my mistake on Human was that it was too pop,” she says. “I want to go back to the fans that want the feel and sound of Never Say Never, Full Moon, and the vibe of my first album.”

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