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News U Absolutely, Positively, Cannot Use 1/20/11

Sponsored today by Bill Evans Car City where the motto is:

“We Got Cars that’ll Get You Riding Pretty; Even if Your Money’s Low and Your Credit’s Really…Bad.”

In political news, Republican House leader John “Boner” has said that since repealing HCR aint gonna work, the R congress has promised to work overtime to find other ways to make life harder for black people.  They are proposing new laws that put a $50 cap on EBT cards, a 70% tax on all rims over 18 inches, and will be making it illegal in all 50 states to back into parking spaces……

Nicki Minaj is in hot water possibly with news of a voluntary manslaughter indictment may come down this week.  The 26yr old rapper is charged with willfully and maliciously killing the careers of Lil Kim, Trina, Foxy Brown, and Diamond Princess, although Foxy and Diamond’s career deaths still may be ruled as suicides…..

Ladies be on the lookout on Valentines Day for the concert featuring D’Angelo, Carl Thomas, Case, Mario Winans, Sammy, and Tank.  They’re calling it the “We Cant Believe You Actually Bought These Tickets” tour……..

No news today on “Precious” other than she is really still extremely huge and un-smashable……