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A former bodyguard for Diddy is speaking out once more, claiming that he saw the mogul assault his exes repeatedly.

As reactions to Diddy’s purported apology video over beating former girlfriend Cassie Ventura continue to pour in, his former bodyguard Roger Bonds is now speaking out again about what he alleges were acts of abuse inflicted on Ventura and the late Kim Porter. Bonds appeared on the latest episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored on Monday (May 20) to talk about what he witnessed.

“It didn’t surprise me when I saw it because I’ve seen things of this nature before,” Bonds said about three minutes into the interview. “I’ve gotten in between things of this nature before. This was back in 2012.”

“He’s up to the same games,” Bonds continued. “He never mentioned Cassie’s name in that apology, so to me he didn’t Ahumble himself enough. I think he said what people wanted to hear, not what he felt.” When Morgan asked him how many times had he witnessed Diddy aka Sean Combs act in that manner towards women, Bonds answered, “Around four or five times. I’ve seen him get really physical, grab them up,” Bonds added. “I seen him get into wrestling and punching matches. Sometimes, I felt like what are you upset about? It’s a deeper anger when you are hitting and punching a woman in that type of manner.”

Bonds would remark on Diddy’s personality in the interview. “He’s a king manipulator,” he stated. “He can manipulate anything and anyone. Money and power is what he’s all about. he has a god syndrome.” Bonds would also talk about Kim Porter fighting back against the Bad Boy Records founder’s attacks, and how he wanted Bonds to ignore his actions. “There was this dark side of him that he was trying to hide and that he wanted me to say didn’t exist. And I can’t say that it didn’t exist if it did exist,” Bonds said.

Diddy has been under intense scrutiny as there are now two lawsuits filed against him for sexual assault, in addition to dealing with a federal raid on his homes in Miami and Los Angeles. But Bonds feels like this is just the beginning. “I feel like there’s going to be other people that come forward,” he said.

Bonds was named in the lawsuit that Cassie filed against Diddy, which was settled a day later, in late 2023.

Check out the full interview above.

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