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Erykah Badu is using her celebrity for a purpose greater than herself. The singer’s latest mission is to make wellness accessible to all. 

In June, Badu will be headlining a 7-day wellness festival in Potato Head Bali. Called “Merasa,” the festival invites the health conscious or even those who are curious about spiritual growth to take a deep dive into themselves to grow in harmony with nature’s rhythm. Attendees will alter their schedules to ensure it’s aligned with the Balinese calendar to harness the energy each day offers.

In the Indonesian language, “merasa” means “to feel.” For Badu, merasa simply translates to just showing up and surrendering yourself the process of aligning yourself with nature. In addition to performing at the 7-day festival, she is acting as co-curator. She had a hand in choosing the practitioners who will be facilitating some of the activities. 

Badu spoke to Vogue Singapore about her role in curating the festival, sharing how she’s most excited about the sunrise ceremonies that will occur each morning. She believes humans are more open to receive what’s being offered during those hours.

Music will also play a major role at Merasa as Badu will do a soul performance during the retreat. Considering her role as a recording artist, she believes our emotions are unearthed through music and we become in tune with the planet’s metronome. 

“Music to me is that vibration that connects everything together,” Badu told Vogue. “The absorption of it is how we can be healed, and restored.”

Curating a wellness festival isn’t a stone’s throw from Badu’s other ventures. The 53-year-old has been a certified doula for the past 13 years, helping women harness the power within while bringing new life into the world. 

If you can’t attend Merasa, Badu believes you can achieve wellness wherever you are. She believes everyone should visit with the five doctors everyday: Dr. Sun for vitamin D, Dr. Nutrition because eating well is essential, Dr. Exercise for physical activity, Dr. Sleep to maintain a natural glow, and Dr. Meditation for 15 minutes a day. 

“Merasa: 7 Days of Regeneration” runs from June 1-8. You can learn more about the programs being offered here.


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