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Q Mixers Holiday Secret Bingo

The holidays will be here soon and families across the nation and the world will gather in celebration with food, drinks, and gifts on deck. To make the holiday gatherings just a touch more interesting, Q Mixers has a new secret holiday bingo game that could help with the good times.

Q Mixers, founded by Jordan Silbert, is a leading brand when it comes to mixers for cocktails and drink creations, has several offerings in its portfolio for classic adult sips like the Moscow Mule, Whiskey Highball, Gin and Tonic, and more. For those looking to cut down on adult beverages or don’t imbibe at all, Q Mixers is a handy way to make a mocktail or sip chilled on its own.

By way of the brand, the secret holiday bingo game can be accessed via a website link where players can get a randomized card with various shenanigans that take place during the holidays.

Do you have that one family member that always brings up your dating life? Bingo! This game is for you. Do you begrudgingly take the requisite family photo in ugly sweaters? Bingo! Another one on the card.

Whatever the activity that comes up on the card, Q Mixers, and secret holiday bingo could be a fun way to pass the holidays before someone knocks over the tree or the dog eats someone’s dessert while everyone is away wrapping gifts.

Find out more about Q Mixers and the secret holiday bingo card here.

Photo: Q Mixers

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