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Fans speculate the real reason the Spice Girls broke up. One social media user shared a video of why an internal romantic relationship could have been the catalyst to the iconic girl group’s demise. Read more details and find out which two members of the group were getting a little too spicy inside.

The Spice Girls stepped back into the Internet conversation when they celebrated their legendary album Spice World turning 25 years old last year. There was also mention of the group reuniting for the first time since they broke up in 1998.

Fans suspected Spice Girls were heading back on tour in 2023 as Mel B told fans on Instagram “we are back” – using the hashtag spicetour2023. Scary Spice shared the exciting news to her 1.5M followers and fans started talking about it. She posted the caption alongside a video with all of the band over the past 25 years.

Though the Spice Girls member shared that post last September, there are no updates about the World Tour available online or on their direct website.

Since the group has been buzzing throughout the media, fans speculate the real reason the best-selling girl group of all time would break up in the first place. The Spice Girls sold hundreds of millions of albums and has racked in countless fans all over the world. At the height of their fame in the 1990s, they were spotted everywhere and traveling all the time. Still, it seemed like it was all about to come crashing down when Geraldine “Geri” Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) unexpectedly left the group.

Geri left the Spice Girls in 1998, and it was a huge story in the news back then. At first, the news shared that she left because she was no longer getting along with the other members of the group. Then, a June 1998 article from Rolling Stone said they had heated arguments while flying across the world together.

There are many mixed opinions on why they actually broke up. However, Halliwell’s sudden departure shook the world up and the women never performed the same way again.

It’s reported that Halliwell and Melanie C (Scary Spice) had their own particular beef behind the scenes, although everything appeared normal in the headlines and on stage. Many people just credited that to the “show biz.”

There were other theories surrounding their breakup like their core purpose in the industry.  While they were successful, the Spice Girls were put together to serve the purpose of beating out boy groups that were popular in the ’90s.

The group wasn’t curated organically, which might have been a reason for their early breakup and lack of true chemistry.

Seeing as their competition, the boy groups, became something of the past, the girls and their label was said to not have the same drive to produce our favorite hits.

Well, one social media user did some digging into the last song they ever released, “Viva Forever,” which was primarily written by Geri. They dive into the lyrics which details a romance that was kept a secret. The song was written in 1997 and fans believe it was actually about Geri and Mel’s secret lesbian love affair.

Could this be true? Comment your thoughts below.

Watch the viral video:

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