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Source: Tercera Cultura / Metaverse Culture Series


Advancements in technology are showing us every day that society as we know it is vastly approaching a primarily digital existence.  From our 24/7 reliance on computers and the Internet, to the rise of TikTok as everyone’s favorite platform to express their creativity with the world, it won’t been soon before movies like Back To The Future, The Fifth Element, i, Robot and Blade Runner start looking like documentaries rather than science fiction.

The latest tech update to impact our generation has been Facebook’s introduction of the Metaverse. Based around a fully immersive VR/AR experience, those tapped in with a compatible headset and controllers have the World Wide Web literally at their fingertips to browse, chat, shop, trade, watch anything viewable on a laptop and a near-limitless host of other cool features.

…and this is only the beginning!




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We got the pleasure recently to experience the Metaverse hands-on by way of its “Tercera Cultura Series,” a docu-short that explores how the Latinx community can both preserve and advance their culture in a variety of creative ways.

Alongside a handful of other Latinx artists, Dominican photographer Juan Veloz (seen above) took the time to walk us through Tercera Cultura and the entire Metaverse Culture Series as a whole.

But first, we had to actually join him inside his digital space — So. Much. Fun!

Juan spoke with us about what it means to be bringing Latinx culture into the Metaverse, why it’s so important to have diversity in digital arenas like this and how he thinks the advances of technology will further his own photograph career overall.

Prepare to be amazed as we get digital and jump into the Metaverse for a culturally-relevant talk with photographer Juan Veloz for the “Tercera Cultura” Series:




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