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Kevin Durant Is Taking A Cautiously Optimistic Approach

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After all of the offseason drama and a trade demand that the Nets front office couldn’t fulfill, Kevin Durant will be back in a Brooklyn Nets uniform, but based on a recent quote from the hooper, he will be taking things day-by-day with the team during the 2022-23 season. 

When it comes to this season, it will be all about vibes and how things progress during the season, according to Durant. On paper, the Brooklyn Nets have one of the most formidable trios with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Ben Simmons. Still, you don’t know what kind of commitment you’ll get from Irving, and the jury is still out regarding Simmons’ mental fortitude.

Durant is well aware of this, and a quote about “training camp vibes” pretty much alluded to having a cautious approach to optimism about this upcoming season.

“The vibes have been straight, but who knows what the vibes will be if we hit a skid or if we’re not playing well, or if somebody gets injured. That’s what makes a team is how we stick together through those times,” the quote shared by the New York Post’s Brian Lewis read.

Kevin Durant Is Right To Worry About How The Team Will React To Adversity

The biggest question for the Brooklyn Nets entering the 2022-23 season is how the team will respond to adversity. Whether it comes from Kyrie Irving mentally checking out during the season or if Ben Simmons can stay healthy and play like the Ben Simmons of old before he lost his confidence.

Durant also touched on building up Ben Simmons’ confidence, speaking with Nick Friedell of ESPN.

“Just trust in him,” Durant said. “Pass him the ball when he’s open, tell him to be aggressive. I don’t do too much. I’m not here to be babysitting anybody. Ben knows that if he’s got a time to be aggressive, go be aggressive. Who gives a s— if you make it or miss it? We just like you being aggressive. [He can] tell me the same thing, so we’re always feeding each other that type of energy, encouragement.”

Easier said than done, the Nets have gone 0-2 so far in preseason play. Let’s just hope that’s not a precursor for things to come.

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