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House of the Dragon Episodic Stills

Source: Ollie Upton / HBO

Episode 8 of “House of the Dragon” titled ‘The Lord of the Tides’ debuted last Sunday (Oct. 9) to HBO Max. This episode took us through every emotion from joy to despair as King Viserys is finally laid to rest. Read more about what we discovered this week about the widely watched show and fans reactions inside.

BEWARE: Spoilers Up Ahead

In this week’s episode Viserys, ill and delirious, mistakes his wife Alicent for his daughter Rhaenyra. He demands his family settle their differences for the good of the kingdom. Alicent is left to deal with a crime committed in the house as her and her father Otto have stepped up to control in King’s Landing. . As news sweeps Westeros that Vaemond will be making a play for the Driftmark throne, Daemon and Rhaenyra travel to King’s Landing to assert Lucerys’ right for the throne.

Here’s what we discovered on this week’s episode:

Milk of the Poppy sounds like it will get you right. Kids, it’s time to put down the percs and bring on the poppy.

King Viserys health declining was difficult to watch. However, Paddy Considine, who portrayed the Targaryen King went off. He deserves an Emmy for Episode 8 alone.

Also, they know they could have wheeled him up on that throne. What’s with men and their pride?

So, the talented Matt Smith, who portrays Daemon, improvised this scene when Viserys’ crown drops. He decided to pick it up and place it on his head. The crew loved it and decided to keep it in the episode.

Now why would Viserys take that mask off at the dinner table? We know he was showcasing his vulnerability, but the family can’t even stomach the food anymore. Talk about an eye for an eye. The man looked like he was going through it! Still can’t even remember he has children other than Princess Rhaenyra.


The way brother Vaemond read Princess Rhaenyra for filth. Whew! When he called her children a bastard and then proceeded to call her a whore.

Obviously, the next scene was gruesome. Viserys simply asked for the man’s tongue. Nothing too unusual in these medieval times. Daemon figured he would do his big brother one better and took the man’s head clean off, talking about “he can keep his tongue.” Chileee!

Prince Lucerys is declared the heir to Driftmark; the next Lord of the Tides. That’s pretty obvious sense they chopped Vaemond’s head off. Poor Princess Rhaenys! She’s lost so many people in a matter of months or whatever the time gap is between episodes. It’s moving along quite fast.

House of the Dragon Episodic Stills

Source: Liam Daniel / HBO

The proposal for Prince Lucerys and Prince Jacaerys to marry their cousins. The boys were happy. They’re probably stoked because they have an opportunity to wed women who aren’t completely blood. Probably feels a little less incest-y.

The moment at the dinner table was beautiful. Everyone having a moment for joy, fellowship and love amongst their sick and twisted family.

House of the Dragon Episodic Stills

Source: Ollie Upton / HBO

King Viserys is finally put out of his misery and dies in the comfort of his own bed. But before he enters the spirit realm, he leaves Alicent with one last message. He says to a puzzled Alicent, “You wanted to know if I believe it to be true. Aegon … His dream. The Song of Ice and Fire. It is true what he saw in the North. The Prince that was Promised.”

Alicent asks Viserys if he is referring to their son, Prince Aegon, Viserys continues, “To unite the realm against the cold and the dark. It is you. You are the one. You must do this.”

We were a little confused about who Aegon is, because everyone’s name is Aegon.

We later discovered that Viserys is actually referring to Rhaenyra’s duty to rule Westeros to carry and pass on the burden of Aegon’s dream. Still, Alicent tragically mistakes his message as a command for her to place their son on the Iron Throne and to disinherit Rhaenyra.

House of the Dragon Episodic Stills

Source: Ollie Upton / HBO

“I understand, my king,” Alicent tells Viserys before he croaks.

Another discovery is that Olivia Cooke initially auditioned to play Rhahenyra but casting directors felt she was perfect in the role of Alicent.

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