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There is a stigma in the Black community about men, depression, and therapy. Many Black men find it hard to open up about their mental health to others for various reasons. Some of these will internalize their feelings and that can lead to other thoughts or health issues. If you are a man of faith, you can’t be counted on to just pray it away or not prioritize your health for the sake of others. You should seek help. One of our favorites in Gospel knows this all well and has decided to speak on his stuggles.

David Mann opened up on the Tamron Hall Show to speak about his battle with depression. When asked about how he actually felt, Mann said to Hall “I say it’s like I was drowning. But nobody knew I was drowning. The only way people were going to realize that… Yeah, it’s touching for me, because I haven’t shared it with anybody. I said it, the only way people were going to realize that I was drowning, is if I completely drowned. And I was like, wow. And I can’t say anything, anybody because I gotta make sure you fix. I gotta make sure you’re good. I gotta make sure everybody’s good. And it just hit me. And I was like, I need to see a therapist. But then I know the stigma for our neighborhood. You know, you don’t need to go to no therapists. You ain’t going up there and telling nobody your business.”

While faith can play a role in the battle, it’s not a end all to fix and professional help can be key. Mann how prayer alone didn’t work, saying “I prayed and I prayed and when I got up, I still felt miserable. So, and like I describe it. I say if I was having a heart attack, they would have taken me to a heart doctor. If I had liver problems they would have take. I see. So now I’m having some mental health issues. I need to seek professional help.”


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What a powerful story. Black men, please don’t be afraid to talk to someone.





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