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Jance Charte

Source: Mecca Gamble / Mecca Gamble

Cheers to the Black female bosses! It’s no secret that Black women have and will always be in a league of their own. According to a May 2021 Harvard Business Review report, “17 percent of Black women are in the process of starting or running new businesses,” making us the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs. And Jance Chartae, founder of Brazen Boutique, a women’s loungewear brand, is one of the successful bunch inspiring other women to unlock their full potential.

The name Jance Chartae may not ring a bell, but the entrepreneur has done significant work over the years. Jance has a background in corporate retail sales and management experience for major fashion brands, including Saks Fifth Avenue, The Limited, DKNY, and more. Additionally, Jance stepped into entrepreneurship while working for a small business. After sharing her journey with followers on her YouTube channel and dealing with the loss of her job, Brazen Boutique was born.

Jance on pivoting from management to E-commerce

Leaving your full-time job behind comes with its share of concerns. However, Jance shared that while the road can be challenging, learning how to shift her mindset successfully helped her pivot from management to e-commerce.

“The biggest issue I faced was the mindset shift from in-person sales and customer service to digital sales and customer service,” Jance tells us. “Additionally, e-commerce can be extremely hard when it comes to making “consistent” sales. I had to learn what marketing was, building an email list, and content marketing strategy. I had to be willing to pay for social media advertising if I wanted true growth.”

Brazen Boutique

Source: Mecca Gamble / Mecca Gamble

Jance on lessons learned about entrepreneurship

The idea of starting your own business can naturally give you pause — especially since 20 percent of businesses fail during the first year, per FunderaHowever, the Brazen Boutique explains that passion, determination, and the ability to put your clientele first, goes a long way in building a successful business.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that the more you try to make it about you, the less money you will make,” Jance says. “The more you make your business about other people, the more money you will make. But the best businesses are successful not because they’re focused on serving everyone. They’re successful because they exist to serve a specific group or type of people, and that’s what makes them profitable.”

Even though entrepreneurship comes with heavy responsibility, the reward outweighs the risk. Not only has Jance earned $200,000 in online sales with Brazen Boutique over the last two years, but she has also birthed The Boutique Academy. This elite academy coaches aspiring entrepreneurs via online classes and resources to aid in conquering the e-commerce space and building successful businesses. Jance’s mission is to help women increase their income, leave their jobs behind, and work on their own terms.

“Whether [entrepreneurs] are creating amazing content, working with influencers, hosting events, running ads, making millions of dollars… it’s all possible for you,” Jance added. “You just have to work for it. If you constantly keep your target audience at the forefront of your decision-making, your e-commerce brand can succeed.”


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