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Pastor Carlton Funderburke

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A pastor in Missouri was driven to apologize to his congregation after a viral video emerged of him blasting them for not giving him a luxury watch.

According to reports, Carlton Funderburke released a video of apology to his congregation on Tuesday (August 16th). The senior pastor of Church at The Well in Kansas City, Missouri expressed his regret for delivering a sermon that contained the “inexcusable” remarks on August 7th.

“Though there is context behind the content of the clip, no context will suffice to explain the hurt and anguish caused by my words. I’ve spoken to those I am accountable to and have received their correction and instruction,” he said in the video. “I have also privately apologized to our church, who has extended their love and support to me.”

The viral video, which was shared on TikTok, showed Funderburke ripping into the church members for not “honoring him” by failing to gift him a Movado watch which he had requested a year before. The pastor even advised church members that the watch could be procured at Sam’s Club if they so chose. The watches range in cost from $500 to $3000.

“That’s how I know you’re still poor, broke, busted and disgusted because of how you’ve been honoring me. I’m not worth your McDonald’s money? I’m not worth your Red Lobster money? I ain’t worth your St. John Knits? Y’all can’t afford it no how,” he ranted.

He’d continue on with the attack: “I don’t want to hear no more excuses about what you all can’t afford. You can’t afford it because you don’t see the value here,” he said, pointing to the pulpit. “Y’all hear from your pastor and father. I’m over y’all. I over your cheap expressions.” The video clip has currently been shared over 500,000 times online.

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