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January 6 Investigating Committee Holds Depositions

Ali Alexander in Washington D.C. for deposition before January 6 committee last December. Source: Anna Moneymaker / Getty

Ali Alexander, the man behind the rally that precipitated the January 6 attack on the Capitol, released a statement about his compliance with a subpoena to testify at a federal grand jury investigating the violent episode. Despite his cooperation, Alexander remained almost defiant in his statement, clearly playing to those who still believe in his claims and fabricated cause.  

While he acknowledged appearing before the grand jury as required, he continued to be defiant about the process and its legality as it pertained to attempts to get his phone records from Verizon.

Released earlier this month, Right Wing Watch, a People for the American Way project, produced a video detailing Ali’s involvement in the events leading up to the insurrection itself, including the birthing of the “Stop the Steal” effort. Hosted by Right Wing Watch expert Kristen Doerer, the video entitled “Ali Alexander and ‘Stop the Steal’ Were Central to Jan. 6: Here’s What You Need to Know” breaks down the role Ali Alexander and Stop the Steal played in the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol.

 In the video, Doerer explains the “Stop the Steal” campaign beginning with former President Trump falsely claiming vote-by-mail ballots kept him from winning the election. 

He called on his deep network of republican legislators, political strategists and far-right activists to join the effort. These were people he knew through his years in Republican politics and from his time as a member of the highly secretive Council for National Policy, whose influential numbers included the likes of Ginni Thomas. The campaign targeted Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia, battleground states won by Joe Biden, and whose cities are home to large black and brown populations Ali Alexander and his cohort held rallies and spread disinformation. Along with Trump, Stop the Steal falsely claimed voter fraud was widespread even after trump’s own DOJ found no such evidence. 

The Stop the Steal served as an organizing vehicle for various sore losers who couldn’t handle that their candidate lost the election. The group mobilized rallies in several states after election day, building on the ever-evolving trove of lies and conspiracy theories.  

Right Wing Watch’s video also highlights Ali’s admitting that he cooperated with three sitting members of Congress, as previously repoted by NewsOne. Reps. Mo Brooks, Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs reportedly planned the event on January 6  alongside Alexander.  

Doerer further explained how Ali used increasingly violent rhetoric. The day before the capital attack, Alexander spoke at a rally, positioning those gathered as being a part of a rebellion against the “deep state.” 

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