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Clarence Thomas racism

Source: ERIN SCHAFF / Getty

Social media is always good for providing Black folks with a gentle reminder that right-wingers aren’t the only white folks we need to watch out for. There’s a reason the largely metaphorical “cookout invite” thing has become a thing of controversy within the Black community.

White liberals be getting way too comfortable and their own racism starts bleeding through.

Listen: If you’re a decent, compassionate person, you are no doubt upset about the largely conservative U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe vs. Wade. And you’re probably doubly upset at Justice Clarence Thomas for suggesting the court revisit the rulings that established marriage equality and contraceptive rights calling them “demonstrably erroneous decisions.”

Is Thomas despicable? Yes. Is he a puddle of fecal matter clogging up the sunken place sewage system? Of course. Has he used his position of power as a justice to become an oppressor of marginalized people? Certainly.

Does any of that mean white liberals are free to call him the n-word? HELL TF NO!!!

And yet, here we are:

In one of the above screenshots, a Twitter user who goes by Abigail Markstein calls Thomas a “dirty porchmonkey” and she declares that “as a trans woman” who is white, she’s “giving everyone permission to use the n-word on him.”

Uh, no—that’s not how any of this works.

First of all, no one, Black, white, or of any color, has the authority to give non-Black people the permission to use the word. Secondly, if Thomas was White while voting to overturn Roe, white liberals would have still ridiculed him, but there would be no racial slurs involved. This isn’t speculation. It’s demonstrated by the fact that three white men and one white woman also voted the same way Thomas did but they are not being called porchmonkeys or n-words by a white trans woman. That’s why it’s still racist regardless of the white person’s ideology.

The reaction to Thomas is far from the first time the leftist whites started swerving outside their lane thinking they had an n-word pass because they also have been oppressed.

“At this point, trans people should be allowed to call Dave Chappelle the n-word,” some other white Twitter user posted regarding anti-trans jokes Chappelle has told on stage.

Again, no. All Black people aren’t responsible for what Chappelle says on stage and you don’t get to use a word that affects us as a people in order to vent out your frustrations at one Black man. See, this is the kind of sh** that will get y’all Twisted Tead upside your head and wondering why.

Hell, white libs are still defending John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Woman is the N*****r of the World,” a song and statement that was just as racist when Bette Midler repeated it as it was when Lennon wrote it. (Besides the fact that the statement erases the experiences of Black women, it really just doesn’t make sense. Black people still exist and are oppressed all over the world. In other words: N-words are still the n-words of the world—and white people, regardless of context, need to keep the words out of their mouths.)

These are all examples of white liberals telling on themselves.

Y’all are racist too—the end.


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